Best Travel Insurance Companies 2023

Check and compare the best travel insurance companies of 2023. Find the best insurance plan for your trip, stay covered and avoid unnecessary expanses.


10 Best Travel Insurances

Check and compare the best travel insurance companies of 2023.

Stories From Our Community

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We spent considerable time searching for travel insurance and were fortunate to discover Faye. After thorough research on various companies, we chose Faye due to their outstanding customer service. They proactively contacted us when we expressed interest in purchasing travel insurance, providing comprehensive information. Their professionalism, politeness, and empathy were reassuring as novice international travelers. Notably, Faye offered competitive pricing with excellent coverage. Although we didn’t require it, having their coverage provided peace of mind. We wholeheartedly recommend Faye to friends and family for future travels.

Fendi Chase – Faye
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I gave Generali a call to clarify a few things about the policy, specifically regarding the distinction between trip interruption and trip cancellation. It turned out to be a great experience. I’m happy to say that I would recommend Generali to my family. They offer coverage that is suitable for a trip and at a reasonable price.

Borge Hendriks – Generali
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Throughout my search for travel insurance, John Hancock stood out with their quick responses to my inquiries. I had a strong feeling that they would be the best option for me. During my trip and even after returning, I was pleased to have smooth communication with the claims department. They promptly addressed my concerns and provided relevant information. I was especially grateful when I received a check to reimburse me for the travel and lodging expenses I incurred during my April trip to France due to rail strikes.

Shawn Mathews – John

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